The Material - Marbled Salts

 In ancient times salt was rare and costly. Yet, since the industrial revolution, it has become so cheap and easily available that we no longer recognize its value. Marbled Salts reinvents sea salt in a sustainable design material. By using its unique physical properties and mixing it with tree resin, Marbled Salts results in a white self-binding composite.  Herein the material draws a contradictory parallel between the flexible versatility of salt and the physical language of heavy and solid rock.

Marbled salts also aim to invite a discussion on the concept of value – essentially a social construct − and the costs the finished product implies. 


The Project

This six month research resulted in an imaculated organic composite made from natural gum and salt, opening as many possibilities as a blank page.

From Marbled Salts were born surfaces of man made granite, onyx, marble like composites. The material research conducted explored the relation between filler and binder as well as mixing techniques in order to grasp their influence on patterns ; and opened a thinking path on visualizing man made materials from natural ones.