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Roxane Lahidji is a social designer specialized in ecological material developments and applications. Her research focuses on achieving luxurious looking objects and surfaces from low costs and raw resources.


In this sense, she seeks to re-define the meaning of the objects she makes by balancing local and renewable resources, environmentally friendly production processes, and essential human values. With the deep concern of conciliating production and sustainability, her design uses disregarded or cheap materials brought to a new life, while twisting low tech methods and traditional crafts techniques She describes her practice as an alchemical journey by developing her own transforming and molding methods.


Roxane Lahidji was born in Paris in 1992 and grew up in the french capital before studying illustration and product design in Strasbourg (HEAR). 

After graduating from the Social Design department of Design Academy Eindhoven in 2017, Roxane Lahidji developed her project ‘’Marbled salts’’ and was awarded among the 100 best French international designers by FD100 price of the VIA and won the 2019 Bolia award.


London PAD - 88th Gallery- October 2021

Paris PAD- Gallery Gosserez- October 2021

Bruxelles Design September young guest of Honour-Sept 2021

Collectible fair -Atelier Eccru- May 2021



Moving traces Atelier eccru 04/2021

NYC tower exhibition- Philia Gallery - 02/2021

Brussels Design Week - Hell’s Kitchen- Zaventem Ateliers- 09/2020
10th anniversary Gosserez Gallery- 05/09/2020
Transhumance- Philia Gallery- 05/09/2020
KleurEyck- 13/03/2020- Design Museum Gent
Winner Worth Partnership projects
Private exhibition at Sophie Cauvin's workshop and showroom - by Philia Gallery - 06/03/2020
Collectible Design fair - 04/03/2020 - Zaventem Ateliers - Brussels
Tectonics - 25/02/2020- Sarah Mycouger Gallery - London
Maison & Objet - 18/02/2020 -Framework Studio - Paris
Studio Helder - Earthly Matters Solo Show - 22/11/2019 - Antwerpen
Atelier Ecru - Moving traces - 22/09/2019 - Gent
Philia Gallery opening - New York - May
Cumulables  Exhibition- 26 to 29th April 
132 rue de Turenne - Paris
1st price winner of the Bolia Design award
Collectible design fair- Brussels
VIA ceremony of the winning prize
100 international french designers
 The way we face leather - The Materialists - Temporary Art Center-DDW2018
Anthropogenic -  In collaboration with Annegret Bonneman, Yen-An Chen, Studio Double plus and Agniezska Mazur - DDW2018
Muttant Matter Dutch Invertuals - DDW2018
London Design Festival- Trans-Form exhibition
Mint gallery spring show - London 
Poeme Brut - Design Museum of Gent
 Rivoli exhibition for O.o Gallery - Art Brussel week
 Collectible - Design Fair - Brussel 
Object Rotterdam
 London Surface Design Show
-2017 -
About Coal, material research workshop - In collaboration with Agniezska Mazur (ASP Katowice design school - Poland)

DDW DAE Graduation Show - Eindhoven 

Vanitas- In collaboration with Agniezska Mazur - Collaboration O - Eindhoven 

 Material research workshop- Design Academy Eindhoven - Social Design Master - In collaboration with E. Klarenbeek & B. Sttitgen 


Atelier du Sel- Atelier Luma Arles

 Atelier Luma Arles - 820 degres - Arles

-2016 -

  Consuming the Social- (Co) Editor and curator - Social Design Symposium- D.A.E .

-2014 -

Design exhibition in Strasbourg Historic Museum La couronne de l'Avent - Strasbourg

 “Geris” Sound scenography - MAMCS exhibition - Strasbourg

-2013 -

Design exhibition in JardinJardin, Tuileries- Paris

-2012 -

Dusseldorf Design School Christmas exhibition - Germany

-2010 -

Atelier de Sevres Open Doors Exhibition - Paris