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Aurélie’s embrodery hand work on textiles is particularly focused on Haute Couture, Roxane works with sea salt for furniture, an exchange took place thanks to the proximity of our workshops in Zaventem Ateliers.

From a discussion “materials and processes” was born an exper- imental path and a desire to marry our know-how, marriage of culture
between chemistry and alchemy, unexpected encounter through impregnation, contact, discussions and experiments.

Our work focused on the crystallization of alum. Research, integrated into our respective professional constraints, consisted in developing a shoot of crystals on textile.

The result after 6 months of research and multiple attempts (visuals opposite) is astonishing but unsuitable for “clothing” and inherent constraints of Haute Couture (Weight and stability).


We redirected the research to explore surfaces related to space and light such as room dividers, chandeliers and light suspensions.

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