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Alliage was initiated from The Bettencourt Foundation and the association of Les Laureats du prix de l'intelligence de la main in response to the economical and social impact of the Covid crisis on artistic and creative fields.

The project focuses on bridging the practices of different designers, craftsmen and artists in order to bring about a new typology of object.

After collaborating with Aurelie Lanoiselee and Maison Armand Jonckers on developing aluminium crystals on different mediums such as textiles, plastics, copper and brass, the project « Alliage » combines the knowledges of bronze casting and light design (Dimatelier) with embroideries and graphic patterns (Aurelie L.).

For nearly two years they explored and developed a chronological working methodology as following:

An organic structure is freely cast and shaped out of bronze, copper wire curls are then bridging different edges of the bronze structure in order to add new volumes and surfaces creating webs and nests.

Seed crystals are fixed on those webs and nests before the object is entirely soaked in up to 5 différents baths of saturated solution for several weeks.

The crystals covering are both reflecting and diffusing the lightbulbs which are themselves hidden in crystals bowls.

The created chandelier is a unique piece and each processes creates a different object.

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