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A project in collaboration with TheMaterialists collective with the support and sponsorship of ECCO Accessories.

The starting point of the project is to use the cuts of the leather waste as a pattern, thus guiding the material research its design application. The concept of the project is designed graphically: The leftovers are first selected and pre-cut to fit the desired pattern, then soaked and drained, before being graphically organized into a composition in a mold and then heat pressed. This process binds and solidifies the previously flexible and fabric-like material in stiffened panels.

This pictorial project fits perfectly into the application of sur- face materials such as wall coverings, carpets and room dividers. For the final exhibition Medina took the form of a triptych of mashrabiyas inspired from Middle Eastern countries so that the material patterns with the division of the space and light inside the frame of the object.The research would explore leather processing in Arabic countries and patterns traditionally used.

More infos about the process here:

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