"Vanity is the fear of appearing original: it is thus a lack of pride, but not necessarily a lack of originality."

F. Nietzsche

The presented objects were created from an inner need, and a reflection over the role of materials in contemporary context of production. It attempts to dig for a different perspective on sustainability, and the emergency of its problems solving.

Expression of vanity defines a human feature, according more importance to ones qualities and virtues then their actual values, or, in comparison to ones faults and vices. Vanity opens a self-destructive path, for ignoring the contrasted reflection of human condition,along with a tendency to stand above mortality and physical decaying. The need of spirituality moved human crave for transcendance towards the materialistic ascension of earthly possessions, stating the appartenance to a certain social position and status, as a primitive expression of domination.

This is an attempt to re-focus attention on the symbolism of ressources, a lost relation to materials that belonged to primary polytheist civilizations and alchemical cults. Simultaneously new and ancestral, the collection of objects is inspired by the four elements constituting the basis of Alchemical practices, meanwhile representatives of consumption behaviors. The objects are both materials of physical and psychological (trans)mutation: A manifest reac- tion to gradual consumption, makes them tools of self reflection (and conscious metamorphosis/mutation.)

To the designer, Vanitas materializes reminders of recent lessons of life, while providing, as for certains vanity painters, a moral justification balancing aesthetic cravings. For the production of beautiful things causes no harm when they belong to the world of Ideas. 

DDW 2017 exhibition - Vanitas

Unrealm Studio featuring Agniezska Mazur & Roxane Lahidji

Collaboration O - Sectie C - Eindhoven

I - Skoll - Ashtray -

Happiness reaches the asymptote of perfectly balanced addictions. This ashtray made of salt absorbs the darkness of smoking. The more it is used, the blacker it becomes. 
Salt, natural gum, brass
II - Androgyn - Candle -

Division stops with life. The first use breaks the circle and the candle starts burning by both endings. The cycle stops once they are re-united.  
Mixed wax, organic thread
I - Spitzbergen - Hourglass-

An ephemeral crystal cup marking time through melting and oxydation. 
Salt crystals, copper structure and plates, copper sulfates crystals