Marbled salts Gallery

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All pictures credits are attributed to Roxane Lahidji if not specified

Commission for Adorno Design

virtual festival

Sept 2020


" In ancient times salt was rare and costly. Yet, since the industrial revolution it has become so cheap and easily available that we longer recognise its value. With ‘Marbled Salts’, Roxane Lahidji explores new possibilities, reinventing salt as a sustainable design material. She makes use of its unique physical properties as a self-binding composite to create a set of tables and stools. By mixing it with tree resin, she gives it shape and strength. Coal powder and natural colour variations in salt mimic the aesthetics of expensive natural stone such as marble. Herein she draws a contradictory parallel between the flexible versatility of salt and the material language of heavy and solid rock. The design also aims to invite a discussion on the concept of value – essentially a social construct − and the costs the finished product implies. "

Collaboration on the Abacus table with PEVDP

Marbled salts trays- Hell's kitchen project

Zaventem Ateliers -Sept 2020

Private comission- Sept 2020

Marbled Salts Mountain table

Commission for Galerie Gosserez

700x400 mm

Pictures credits Frederic Uyttenhove

Marbled Salts living room table

Commission for Workshop APD

700x700 mm

Pictures credits Frederic Uyttenhove

Private Commissions 

March 2020

Zaventem Atelier Commission 

March 2020

Private commission

March 2019

Pictures credits Yen-An Chen

Private Commissions 

February 2020

Brancusi gueridon

January 2020

Commission for Aybar Gallery

January 2019

Commission for Galerie Philia 

December 2019

Private commission

December 2019

Samples and prototypes

Earthly Matters 

Studio Helder solo Show

November 2019

Private Commissions 

September-october 2019

Bespoke pieces - Sarah Myerscough Gallery

February 2020

Material samples

June 2019

Pictures credits Emma Wattiau

Private Commission 

June 2019

 Material sample - Marine collection 

May 2019

Private commission 

Januray 2019

Bespoke piece for Anthropogenic exhibition

DDW 2018

Muttant Matter - Dutch Invertuals

Veemgebouw - DDW 2018

Pictures credits : Ronald Smith - Fransje Gimbre 

Cow skin patterns - Private commission 2018

Material samples 2018

SADOW company - NY

Mint Shop - South Kensington London

Spring show 2018


The first contemporary Design fair

Espace Vanderborght

 Art Brussels 2018 

Poeme Brut - Design Museum of Gent - 2018

Pictures credits Filip Dujardin

Vanitas- Ashtray - DDW 2017

Object Rotterdam

Design fair- February 2018

Picture credits : Marloes Wonen 

Design Academy Eindhoven

Graduation Show - DDW2017

Slab - London Surface Design show 2018 

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