820° started in Camargue where salt was harvested since the Antiquity, and has been articulating natural environment with economy until a very recent time. The sea dust which used to be named white gold was slowly being replaced and discarded, treated nowadays as a waste material. By considering the mineral and chemical characteristics of salt, designers S. Lilge and R. Lahidji developed a semi-transparent and though material, mimicking successively clay and glass by burning it to its melting point according to raku techniques.

This project established a first step in exploiting the potential of both low cost and  abundant resources and seeking different forms of design values as local economies triggers-

In collaboration with ceramist C. Craboledda and designer S.Lilge.

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Pictures and video credits : Yen-An Chen, Sebastian Lilge, Roxane Lahidji
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121 rue de l' Hotel des Monnaies
1060 St Gilles


Atelier 31

Fabriekstraat 15/19

1930 Zaventem, Belgium