The Material- Molten Salts

Molten salts describe the liquid state of a salt brought to its melting point due to high temperature. The process results in a structural modification of salts used mostly in chemical and technological industries.

In the case of sea salt (NaCl), which melting point approximates 820degres, the chloride molecules evaporate allowing sodium to bind and create a translucent,

glass-like material. 


The project


820° started in Camargue where salt was harvested since the Antiquity, and has been articulating natural environment with economy until a very recent time.

In the context of a workshop for Atelier LUMA Arles, designers S. Lilge and R. Lahidji considered the mineral and chemical characteristics of salt and developed a semi-transparent and though material, mimicking successively clay and glass by burning it to its melting point according to raku techniques.

This project established a first step in exploiting the potential of both low cost and abundant resources and seeking different forms of design values as local economies triggers-

In collaboration with ceramist C. Craboledda and designer S.Lilge for Atelier LUMA Arles .

Pictures credits : Yen-An Chen, Sebastian Lilge, Roxane Lahidji